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At Even Game, our mission is to service small to medium size companies with the tools needed to compete with large enterprises. The Even Game team has over 70 years combined experience in software development and business logic consulting. We specialize in web based applications that are the company’s enterprise system. Is your website just a marketing tool? Why not consolidate and run your entire business from the website?

Proven Experience

Steve Allison - Co-founder - BA in accounting from the University of Houston, 17+ years small business entrepreneur experience, SQL database expert, and business consultant. Who better to partner with on IT solution than a data expert that has been in your shoes running a business?

Jonathan Perret - Co-founder - BS in business from Louisiana Tech University, 20+ year IT infrastructure professional that has now turned his focus to application development. He brings the IT enterprise experience so your systems can grow as your business will.

Additional resources - We employ a partnership with 11 other IT experts who specialize in areas from ColdFusion, ASP, PHP, Pearl, Java, jQuery, Flex, MySQL, MSSQL, CMS, and graphic/layout design. No matter what the language is the Even Game team can bring your needs to reality.


We believe that all clients are unique and that there is not a one size fits all approach. When we deliver the product to you, we believe that your training and learning curve should be as short as possible for your users. We look for projects that are both one time projects, as well as, continued partnerships who wish to retain us for ongoing support. We have crossed multiple industries from athletics to insurance to manufacturing and believe that the most important process is to start the communications and find out what the client wants, what their budget is, and how we are going to make those items work together.

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